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Video Prototyping – ‘Keyless’ Concept

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Notes on a concept for a service that we worked on in Video Prototyping class, followed by the video:

Keyless – The Concept

Keyless is a concept for a service that makes the anxiety of losing important keys a thing of the past. In a nutshell, the customer deposits a copy of important keys to the service provider (Keyless), and this copy is delivered to the customer at a desired location and time in case of loss of key. At no point in the entire service cycle does the customer have to actually visit a keyless office or representative –
making the service go to the customer instead of the other way around.

How Keyless works

The customer applies to the service online and receives a welcome kit from Keyless. This kit provides detailed instructions on using the service, authorization agreements, validation documentation for key replacement demands, and a digitally-secured return envelope which is used to mail Keyless important keys. (It is important to mention here that considerable legal measures are included in the agreements, with Keyless taking the liability in cases of misuse or negligence of customer’s assets.) The completion of registration is completed on phone or email and the service is consequently activated. The customer can then call Keyless 24×7 within an agreed geographical area to demand a replacement key at any time in the future.

Principal Touchpoints

  • Online application to the service by customer.
  • Receipt of welcome pack by customer.
  • Mail-back of registration documents as well as key copies to Keyless in digitally-secured envelope available in welcome pack.
  • Phone/mail confirmation of the registration from Keyless.
  • Replacement key demand by customer via phone or email any time, within agreed geographical regions.
  • Delivery of replacement key to customer in person by Keyless delivery person – contents sealed in a secure package.

Keyless – The Video Prototype


Written by Ashwin Rajan

December 18, 2008 at 10:20 am

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